Data from: Centennial-scale reductions in nitrogen availability in temperate forests of the United States

  • Kendra K. McLauchlan (Contributor)
  • John J. Battles (Contributor)
  • David M. Nelson (Contributor)
  • B.E. McNeil (Contributor)
  • J.M. Craine (Contributor)
  • P. E. Higuera (Contributor)
  • S. S. Perakis (Contributor)
  • Neil Pederson (Contributor)
  • A.J. Elmore (Contributor)
  • M. C. Mack (Contributor)
  • L.M. Gerhart (Contributor)



Forests cover 30% of the terrestrial Earth surface and are a major component of the global carbon (C) cycle. Humans have doubled the amount of global reactive nitrogen (N), increasing deposition of N onto forests worldwide. However, other global changes...
Date made availableDec 1 2017

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