Data from: Direct effects dominate responses to climate perturbations in grassland plant communities

  • Chengjin Chu (Contributor)
  • Andrew R. Kleinhesselink (Contributor)
  • Kris M. Havstad (Contributor)
  • Mitchel P Mcclaran (Contributor)
  • Debra P. Peters (Contributor)
  • Lance T. Vermeire (Contributor)
  • Haiyan Wei (Contributor)
  • Peter B. Adler (Contributor)
  • Debra P.C. Peters (Contributor)



Theory predicts that strong indirect effects of environmental change will impact communities when niche differences between competitors are small and variation in the direct effects experienced by competitors is large, but empirical tests are lacking. H...
Date made availableMay 10 2017

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