Photometric observations of GRB 041006

  • S.C. Tegler (Contributor)
  • W. Romanishin (Contributor)
  • T. H. Reiprich (Contributor)
  • P. Berlind (Contributor)
  • M. L. Calkins (Contributor)
  • K. Adelberger (Contributor)
  • T. Pimenova (Contributor)
  • X. Zhao (Contributor)
  • P. M. Garnavich (Contributor)
  • J. D. Hartman (Contributor)
  • A. Z. Bonanos (Contributor)
  • B. S. Gaudi (Contributor)
  • M. Holman (Contributor)
  • P. Challis (Contributor)
  • D. Osip (Contributor)
  • P. A. Nutzman (Contributor)
  • K. Z. Stanek (Contributor)
  • B. A. Mcleod (Contributor)
  • R. P. Kirshner (Contributor)
  • A. Garg (Contributor)
  • T. B. Spahr (Contributor)



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  • 2005

    Deep photometry of grb 041006 afterglow: Hypernova bump at redshift z = 0.716

    Stanek, K. Z., Garnavich, P. M., Nutzman, P. A., Hartman, J. D., Garg, A., Adelberger, K., Berlind, P., Bonanos, A. Z., Calkins, M. L., Challis, P., Gaudi, B. S., Holman, M. J., Kirshner, R. P., Mcleod, B. A., Osip, D., Pimenova, T., Reiprich, T. H., Romanishin, W., Spahr, T., Tegler, S. C., & 1 othersZhao, X., Jun 10 2005, In: Astrophysical Journal. 626, 1 II, p. L5-L9

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    33 Scopus citations