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    The W. M. Keck division of the CLAS Bioimaging Facility supports a broad range of individual and collaborative studies by over 150 scientists in the southwestern United States. It is managed by Page Baluch and Douglas Chandler. The laboratory serves as a catalyst to consolidate ASUs bioimaging capabilities, to launch the development of new bioimaging curricula for ASU students, and to strengthen university relationships with external partners such as Barrow Neurological Institute, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, and the NIH Diabetes Facility in Phoenix. The W. M. Keck laboratories house some of the latest bioimaging technology including, laser scanning confocal microscopy; video light microscopy; ratio-imaging fluorescence microscopy; atomic force microscopy; phosphorescence/ chemiluminescence/ radioisotope imaging; and computer-aided image processing. Images acquired using the microscopes are analyzed on workstations using both 2-D and 3-D analysis software programs.

    -Evos FL auto live cell imaging system
    -Leica CM1950 cryostat
    -Leica SP2 confocal microscope
    -Leica RM2235 microtome
    -Leica TCS SP5 AOBS spectral confocal system
    -Nikon Elipse TE300 inverted video microscope
    -Nikon microscope w/Eppendorf microinjection
    -Prairie Ultima IV 2-Photon microscope
    -technical assistance

    Contact: Debra (Page) Baluch


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