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    Services include:Laboratory Assistance: Install laboratory electronic equipment and assist with setting up research and teaching. Labs, including design and fabrication of test modules. Provide purchase recommendations for laboratory equipment, parts and supplies. Assist with lab safety issues including design and installation of door interlocks warning signs etc. Electronic equipment repair: Provide low-level repair support for analytical laboratory equipment. (Gas chromatographs, Spectrophotometers, etc.) Repair general purpose test equipment. (oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, function generators, etc.). Labview: Install and upgrade older versions of Labview in Academic labs. Install associated hardware and provide purchasing advice for A/D boards and interface modules. Design & Fabrication: We can assist faculty and graduate students with electronic design and once the design is finalized we can do the fabrication. Contact Ed Robinson (edward.robinson@asu.edu) to determine if your project is something we can work on. Ensure equipment and test setups comply with safety requirements. Training: User training for operating general-purpose test equipment.


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