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  • Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheet mass balance 1992-2020 for IPCC AR6

    Shepherd, A. (Creator), Ivins, E. (Creator), Rignot, E. (Creator), Smith, B. (Creator), Van Den Broeke, M. (Contributor), Velicogna, I. (Creator), Whitehouse, P. (Creator), Briggs, K. (Creator), Joughin, I. (Creator), Krinner, G. (Creator), Nowicki, S. (Creator), Scambos, T. (Creator), Schlegel, N. (Creator), Geruo, A. (Contributor), Agosta, C. (Creator), Ahlstrøm, A. (Creator), Babonis, G. (Creator), Barletta, V. (Creator), Blazquez, A. (Creator), Bonin, J. (Creator), Csatho, B. (Creator), Cullather, R. (Creator), Felikson, D. (Creator), Fettweis, X. (Creator), Forsberg, R. (Creator), Gallee, H. (Creator), Gardner, A. (Creator), Gilbert, L. (Creator), Groh, A. (Creator), Gunter, B. (Creator), Hanna, E. (Creator), Harig, C. T. (Creator), Helm, V. (Creator), Horvath, A. (Creator), Horwath, M. (Creator), Khan, S. (Creator), Kjeldsen, K. K. (Creator), Konrad, H. (Creator), Langen, P. (Creator), Lecavalier, B. (Creator), Loomis, B. (Creator), Luthcke, S. (Creator), McMillan, M. (Creator), Melini, D. (Creator), Mernild, S. (Creator), Mohajerani, Y. (Creator), Moore, P. (Creator), Mouginot, J. (Creator), Moyano, G. (Creator), Muir, A. (Creator), Nagler, T. (Creator), Nield, G. (Creator), Nilsson, J. (Creator), Noel, B. (Contributor), Otosaka, I. (Creator), Pattle, M. E. (Creator), Peltier, W. R. (Creator), Pie, N. (Creator), Rietbroek, R. (Creator), Rott, H. (Creator), Sandberg-Sørensen, L. (Contributor), Sasgen, I. (Creator), Save, H. (Creator), Scheuchl, B. (Creator), Schrama, E. (Creator), Schröder, L. (Creator), Seo, K. (Creator), Simonsen, S. (Creator), Spada, G. (Creator), Sutterley, T. (Creator), Talpe, M. (Creator), Tarasov, L. (Creator), Van De Berg, W. J. (Contributor), Van Der Wal, W. (Contributor), Van Wessem, M. (Contributor), Vishwakarma, B. D. (Creator), Wiese, D. (Creator), Wouters, B. (Creator), Bjørk, A. A. (Creator), Colgan, W. (Creator), Engdahl, M. E. (Creator), Hogg, A. E. (Creator), Gourmelen, N. (Creator), Mottram, R. (Creator), Slater, T. (Creator), Wilton, D. (Creator), Wagner, T. (Creator), Wuite, J. (Creator), Smith, B. (Creator), van den Broeke, M. (Creator), Scambos, T. (Creator), Khan, S. (Creator), Peltier, W. (Creator), Wouters, B. (Creator), Payne, A. (Creator) & Moore, P. (Creator), UK Polar Data Centre, Natural Environment Research Council, UK Research & Innovation, Mar 16 2021


  • Stable oxygen isotope ratios of tree-ring cellulose from the site network of the EU-Project ‘ISONET’

    Andreu-Hayles, L. (Creator), Ummenhofer, C. C. (Contributor), Barriendos, M. (Contributor), Schleser, G. H. (Creator), Helle, G. (Creator), Leuenberger, M. (Creator), Gutiérrez, E. (Creator), Cook, E. R. (Contributor), Masson-Delmotte, V. (Creator), Raffalli-Delerce, G. (Contributor), Danis, P. A. (Contributor), Yiou, P. (Contributor), Stievenard, M. (Contributor), Guibal, F. (Contributor), Mestre, O. (Contributor), Bernard, V. (Contributor), Goosse, H. (Contributor), Hoffmann, G. (Contributor), Jouzel, J. (Contributor), Granda, E. (Contributor), Camarero, J. J. (Contributor), Galván, J. D. (Contributor), Sangüesa-Barreda, G. (Contributor), Alla, A. Q. (Contributor), Dorado-Liñán, I. (Creator), Labuhn, I. (Contributor), Grudd, H. (Contributor), Voltas, J. (Contributor), Shestakova, T. A. (Contributor), Saurer, M. (Creator), Berninger, F. (Creator), Esper, J. (Creator), Daux, V. (Contributor), Loader, N. J. (Creator), Saracino, A. (Creator), Waterhouse, J. S. (Creator), Bednarz, Z. (Creator), Boettger, T. (Creator), Filot, M. (Contributor), Frank, D. C. (Contributor), Grabner, M. (Creator), Haupt, M. (Contributor), Hilasvuori, E. (Creator), Jungner, H. (Contributor), Kalela-Brundin, M. (Creator), Krąpiec, M. (Creator), Marah, H. (Contributor), Pawełczyk, S. (Creator), Pazdur, A. (Creator), Pierre, M. (Contributor), Planells, O. (Contributor), Pukienė, R. (Creator), Reynolds-Henne, C. E. (Contributor), Rinne-Garmston (Rinne), K. T. (Contributor), Rita, A. (Contributor), Sonninen, E. (Creator), Switsur, V. R. (Creator), Szychowska-Kra̧piec, E. (Contributor), Szymaszek, M. (Contributor), Todaro, L. (Creator), Treydte, K. (Creator), Vitas, A. (Creator), Weigl, M. (Contributor), Wimmer, R. (Creator), Muntan, E. (Contributor), Anchukaitis, K. J. (Contributor), Hevia, A. (Contributor), Sánchez-Salguero, R. (Contributor), Buras, A. (Contributor), Balting, D. F. (Contributor), Ionita, M. (Contributor), Wegmann, M. (Contributor), Rimbu, N. (Contributor), Freund, M. B. (Contributor), Heinrich, I. (Contributor), Caldarescu, D. (Contributor), Lohmann, G. (Contributor), Rinne, K. T. (Contributor), Girardclos, O. (Contributor), Poulter, B. (Contributor), Huntingford, C. (Contributor), Zimmermann, N. E. (Contributor), Ahlström, A. (Contributor), Ciais, P. (Contributor), Friedlingstein, P. (Contributor), Levis, S. (Contributor), Lomas, M. (Contributor), Sitch, S. (Contributor), Viovy, N. (Contributor), D'alessandro, C. M. (Contributor), Szczepanek, M. (Creator), Etien, N. (Contributor), Guillemin, M. T. (Contributor), Breda, N. (Contributor), Perraud, P. P. (Contributor), Cherubini, P. (Contributor), Spahni, R. (Contributor), Joos, F. (Contributor), Mccarroll, D. (Contributor), Gagen, M. (Contributor), Siegwolf, R. T. W. (Contributor), Fairchild, I. J. (Contributor), Friedrich, M. (Contributor), Jalkanen, R. (Contributor), Levanič, T. (Contributor), Linderholm, H. W. (Contributor), Robertson, I. (Contributor), Woodley, E. J. (Contributor), Wynn, P. M. (Contributor) & Young, G. H. F. (Contributor), GFZ Data Services, 2023


  • Photometry catalogs for the Lockman Hole

    Fotopoulou, S. (Creator), Salvato, M. (Creator), Hasinger, G. (Creator), Rovilos, E. (Creator), Brusa, M. (Creator), Egami, E. (Creator), Lutz, D. (Creator), Burwitz, V. (Creator), Henry, J. P. (Creator), Huang, J. H. (Creator), Rigopoulou, D. (Creator) & Vaccari, M. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2012