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  • Supplemental Material for Mak et al., 2020

    Mak, A. C. Y. (Creator), Sajuthi, S. (Contributor), Joo, J. (Contributor), Xiao, S. (Contributor), Sleiman, P. M. (Creator), White, M. J. (Contributor), Lee, E. Y. (Creator), Saef, B. (Creator), Hu, D. (Contributor), Gui, H. (Contributor), Keys, K. L. (Creator), Lurmann, F. (Creator), Jain, D. (Contributor), Abecasis, G. (Contributor), Kang, H. M. (Creator), Nickerson, D. A. (Creator), Germer, S. (Contributor), Zody, M. C. (Creator), Winterkorn, L. (Creator), Reeves, C. (Creator), Huntsman, S. (Creator), Eng, C. (Creator), Salazar, S. (Creator), Oh, S. S. (Creator), Gilliland, F. D. (Creator), Chen, Z. (Contributor), Kumar, R. (Contributor), Martinez, F. (Contributor), Wu, A. C. (Creator), Ziv, E. (Creator), Hakonarson, H. (Contributor), Himes, B. E. (Creator), Keoki Williams, W. L. (Contributor), Seibold, M. A. (Creator), Burchard, E. G. (Creator), Zhanghua, C. (Contributor) & Burchard, E. G. (Creator), GSA Journals, 2020


  • African-specific alleles modify risk for asthma at the 17q12-q21 locus in African Americans

    Washington, C. (Creator), Dapas, M. (Creator), Biddanda, A. (Creator), Magnaye, K. M. (Creator), Aneas, I. (Creator), Helling, B. A. (Creator), Szczesny, B. (Creator), Boorgula, M. P. (Creator), Taub, M. A. (Creator), Kenny, E. (Creator), Mathias, R. A. (Creator), Barnes, K. C. (Creator), Ober, C. (Creator), Khurana Hershey, G. K. (Creator), Kercsmar, C. M. (Creator), Gereige, J. D. (Creator), Makhija, M. (Creator), Gruchalla, R. S. (Creator), Gill, M. A. (Creator), Liu, A. H. (Creator), Rastogi, D. (Creator), Busse, W. (Creator), Gergen, P. J. (Creator), Visness, C. M. (Creator), Gold, D. R. (Creator), Hartert, T. (Creator), Johnson, C. C. (Creator), Lemanske, R. F. (Creator), Martinez, F. (Creator), Miller, R. L. (Creator), Ownby, D. (Creator), Seroogy, C. M. (Creator), Wright, A. L. (Creator), Zoratti, E. M. (Creator), Bacharier, L. B. (Creator), Kattan, M. (Creator), O’Connor, G. T. (Creator), Wood, R. A. (Creator), Nobrega, M. A. (Creator), Altman, M. C. (Creator), Jackson, D. J. (Creator), Gern, J. E. (Creator), McKennan, C. G. (Creator), Ober, C. (Creator), Taub, M. A. (Creator), Barnes, K. C. (Creator), Khurana Hershey, G. K. (Creator), Makhija, M. (Creator), Gruchalla, R. S. (Creator), Gill, M. A. (Creator), Liu, A. H. (Creator), Busse, W. (Creator), Hartert, T. (Creator), Lemanske, R. F. (Creator), Martinez, F. D. (Creator), Ownby, D. (Creator), Gern, J. E. (Creator) & Ober, C. (Creator), figshare, 2022


  • Virus-induced inflammatory gene networks underlying asthma exacerbations in vivo

    Bosco, A. (Contributor), Ehteshami, S. (Contributor), Panyala, S. (Contributor) & Martinez, F. (Contributor), Gene Expression Omnibus, 2011