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  • Photometric observations of Type II SN 2018ivc

    Bostroem, K. A. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Andrews, J. E. (Creator), Van Dyk, D. S. D. (Creator), Galbany, L. (Creator), Pooley, D. (Creator), Amaro, R. C. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Yang, S. (Creator), Anupama, G. C. (Creator), Arcavi, I. (Creator), Baron, E. (Creator), Brown, P. J. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Cartier, R. (Creator), Hiramatsu, D. (Creator), Dastidar, R. (Creator), Derkacy, J. M. (Creator), Dong, Y. (Creator), Egami, E. (Creator), Ertel, S. (Creator), Filippenko, A. V. (Creator), Fox, O. D. (Creator), Haislip, J. (Creator), Hosseinzadeh, G. (Creator), Howell, D. A. (Creator), Gangopadhyay, A. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Kouprianov, V. (Creator), Kumar, B. (Creator), Lundquist, M. (Creator), Milisavljevic, D. (Creator), McCully, C. (Contributor), Milne, P. A. (Creator), Misra, K. (Creator), Reichart, D. E. (Creator), Sahu, D. K. (Creator), Sai, H. (Creator), Singh, A. (Creator), Smith, P. S. (Creator), Vinko, J. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Wang, Y. (Creator), Wheeler, J. C. (Creator), Williams, G. G. (Creator), Wyatt, S. (Creator), Zhang, J. (Creator), Zhang, X. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Baron, E. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Filippenko, A. V. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Kumar, B. (Creator), Misra, K. (Creator), Wheeler, J. C. (Creator) & Zhang, X. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • K2 observations of type Ia supernova SN 2018oh

    Dimitriadis, G. (Creator), Foley, R. J. (Creator), Rest, A. (Creator), Kasen, D. (Creator), Piro, A. L. (Creator), Polin, A. (Creator), Jones, D. O. (Creator), Villar, A. (Creator), Narayan, G. (Creator), Coulter, D. A. (Contributor), Kilpatrick, C. D. (Creator), Pan, Y. (Creator), Rojas-Bravo, C. (Creator), Fox, O. D. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Nugent, P. E. (Creator), Riess, A. G. (Creator), Scolnic, D. (Creator), Drout, M. R. (Creator), Barentsen, G. (Creator), Dotson, J. (Creator), Gully-Santiago, M. (Creator), Hedges, C. (Creator), Cody, A. M. (Creator), Barclay, T. (Creator), Howell, S. (Creator), Garnavich, P. (Creator), Tucker, B. E. (Creator), Shaya, E. (Creator), Mushotzky, R. (Creator), Olling, R. P. (Creator), Margheim, S. (Creator), Zenteno, A. (Creator), Coughlin, J. (Creator), Cleve, J. E. V. (Contributor), De Miranda Cardoso, J. V. (Contributor), Larson, K. A. (Creator), McCalmont-Everton, K. M. (Creator), Peterson, C. A. (Creator), Ross, S. E. (Creator), Reedy, L. H. (Creator), Osborne, D. (Creator), McGinn, C. (Creator), Kohnert, L. (Creator), Migliorini, L. (Creator), Wheaton, A. (Creator), Spencer, B. (Creator), Labonde, C. (Creator), Castillo, G. (Creator), Beerman, G. (Creator), Steward, K. (Creator), Hanley, M. (Creator), Larsen, R. (Creator), Gangopadhyay, R. (Creator), Kloetzel, R. (Creator), Weschler, T. (Creator), Nystrom, V. (Creator), Moffatt, J. (Creator), Redick, M. (Creator), Griest, K. (Creator), Packard, M. (Creator), Muszynski, M. (Creator), Kampmeier, J. (Creator), Bjella, R. (Creator), Flynn, S. (Creator), Elsaesser, B. (Creator), Chambers, K. C. (Creator), Flewelling, H. A. (Creator), Huber, M. E. (Creator), Magnier, E. A. (Creator), Waters, C. Z. (Creator), Schultz, A. S. B. (Contributor), Bulger, J. (Creator), Lowe, T. B. (Creator), Willman, M. (Creator), Smartt, S. J. (Creator), Smith, K. W. (Creator), Points, S. (Creator), Strampelli, G. M. (Creator), Brimacombe, J. (Creator), Chen, P. (Creator), Muñoz, J. A. (Contributor), Mutel, R. L. (Creator), Shields, J. (Creator), Vallely, P. J. (Creator), Villanueva, S. (Creator), Li, W. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Zhang, J. (Creator), Lin, H. (Creator), Mo, J. (Creator), Zhao, X. (Creator), Sai, H. (Creator), Zhang, X. (Creator), Zhang, K. (Creator), Zhang, T. (Creator), Wang, L. (Creator), Zhang, J. (Creator), Baron, E. (Creator), Derkacy, J. M. (Contributor), Li, L. (Creator), Chen, Z. (Creator), Xiang, D. (Creator), Rui, L. (Creator), Wang, L. (Creator), Huang, F. (Creator), Li, X. (Creator), Hosseinzadeh, G. (Creator), Howell, D. A. (Creator), Arcavi, I. (Creator), Hiramatsu, D. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Tonry, J. L. (Creator), Denneau, L. (Creator), Heinze, A. N. (Creator), Weiland, H. (Creator), Stalder, B. (Creator), Vinkó, J. (Contributor), Sárneczky, K. (Contributor), Pál, A. (Contributor), Bódi, A. (Contributor), Bognár, Z. (Contributor), Csák, B. (Contributor), Cseh, B. (Creator), Csörnyei, G. (Contributor), Hanyecz, O. (Creator), Ignácz, B. (Contributor), Kalup, C. (Creator), Könyves-Tóth, R. (Contributor), Kriskovics, L. (Creator), Ordasi, A. (Creator), Rajmon, I. (Creator), Sódor, A. (Contributor), Szabó, R. (Contributor), Szakáts, R. (Contributor), Zsidi, G. (Creator), Williams, S. C. (Creator), Nordin, J. (Creator), Cartier, R. (Creator), Frohmaier, C. (Creator), Galbany, L. (Creator), Gutiérrez, C. P. (Contributor), Hook, I. (Creator), Inserra, C. (Creator), Smith, M. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Andrews, J. E. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Bilinski, C. (Creator), Foley, R. J. (Creator), Piro, A. L. (Creator), Coulter D., A. (Contributor), Kilpatrick, C. D. (Creator), Pan, Y. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Barclay, T. (Creator), Tucker, B. E. (Creator), Van Cleve, J. E. (Creator), Vinicius De Miranda Cardoso, J. (Creator), Redick, M. (Creator), Griest, K. (Creator), Chambers, K. C. (Creator), Zhang, J. (Creator), Baron, E. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Denneau, L. (Creator), Heinze, A. N. (Creator), Weiland, H. (Creator), Pal, A. (Creator), Nordin, J. (Creator), Gutierrez, C. P. (Creator) & Sand, D. J. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2020


  • 85 short GRB kilonovae opt. & NIR obs.

    Rastinejad, J. C. (Creator), Fong, W. (Creator), Kilpatrick, C. D. (Creator), Paterson, K. (Creator), Tanvir, N. R. (Creator), Levan, A. J. (Creator), Metzger, B. D. (Creator), Berger, E. (Creator), Chornock, R. (Creator), Cobb, B. E. (Creator), Laskar, T. (Creator), Milne, P. A. (Creator), Nugent, A. E. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator) & Kilpatrick, C. D. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2023


  • UBVRI & ugriz photometry of supernova SN 2017gmr

    Andrews, J. E. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Dastidar, R. (Creator), Sahu, D. K. (Creator), Misra, K. (Creator), Singh, A. (Creator), Hiramatsu, D. (Creator), Brown, P. J. (Creator), Hosseinzadeh, G. (Creator), Wyatt, S. (Creator), Vinko, J. (Creator), Anupama, G. C. (Creator), Arcavi, I. (Creator), Ashall, C. (Creator), Benetti, S. (Creator), Berton, M. (Creator), Bostroem, K. A. (Creator), Bulla, M. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Chen, S. (Creator), Chomiuk, L. (Creator), Cikota, A. (Creator), Congiu, E. (Creator), Cseh, B. (Creator), Davis, S. (Creator), Elias-Rosa, N. (Creator), Faran, T. (Creator), Fraser, M. (Creator), Galbany, L. (Creator), Gall, C. (Creator), Gal-Yam, A. (Creator), Gangopadhyay, A. (Creator), Gromadzki, M. (Creator), Haislip, J. (Creator), Howell, D. A. (Creator), Hsiao, E. Y. (Creator), Inserra, C. (Creator), Kankare, E. (Creator), Kuncarayakti, H. (Creator), Kouprianov, V. (Creator), Kumar, B. (Creator), Li, X. (Creator), Lin, H. (Creator), Maguire, K. (Creator), Mazzali, P. (Creator), McCully, C. (Creator), Milne, P. A. (Creator), Mo, J. (Creator), Morrell, N. (Creator), Nicholl, M. (Creator), Ochner, P. (Creator), Olivares, F. (Creator), Pastorello, A. (Creator), Patat, F. (Creator), Phillips, M. (Creator), Pignata, G. (Creator), Prentice, S. (Creator), Reguitti, A. (Creator), Reichart, D. E. (Creator), Rodríguez, O. (Contributor), Rui, L. (Creator), Sanwal, P. (Creator), Sárneczky, K. (Contributor), Shahbandeh, M. (Creator), Singh, M. (Creator), Smartt, S. (Creator), Strader, J. (Creator), Stritzinger, M. D. (Creator), Szakáts, R. (Contributor), Tartaglia, L. (Creator), Wang, H. (Creator), Wang, L. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Wheeler, J. C. (Creator), Xiang, D. (Creator), Yaron, O. (Creator), Young, D. R. (Creator), Zhang, J. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Misra, K. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Fraser, M. (Creator), Gal-Yam, A. (Creator), Hsiao, E. Y. (Creator), Kumar, B. (Creator), Maguire, K. (Creator), Pastorello, A. (Creator), Wheeler, J. C. (Creator) & Xiang, D. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • X-ray star clusters in the Carina complex

    Feigelson, E. D. (Creator), Getman, K. V. (Creator), Townsley, L. K. (Creator), Broos, P. S. (Creator), Povich, M. S. (Creator), Garmire, G. P. (Creator), King, R. R. (Creator), Montmerle, T. (Creator), Preibisch, T. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Stassun, K. G. (Creator), Wang, J. (Creator), Wolk, S. (Creator), Zinnecker, H. (Creator) & Stassun, K. G. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2011