Detection in Passive MIMO Radar (CERFER) Master Agreement (Basic Ordering Agreement)

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Arizona State University (ASU) proposes to support Matrix Research, Inc. (Matrix) in execution of a Task proposed to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) under a potential CERFER award. ASU's sub-eort will be led by Professor Douglas Cochran in the ASU School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering. 1 Technical Statement of Work The proposed Task eort, as dened in Matrix's prime proposal, focuses on the development of rigorous statistical tests for the presence scattering objects coherent passive radar scenarios. MIMO congurations are of particular interest. ASU will support Matrix in the following Tasks: 1.1 Task 1: Theoretical Development ASU will work in conjunction with Matrix personnel and other subcontractors on this Task to develop detectors for passive MIMO radar based on generalized likelihood ratio and Bayesian hypothesis tests. In addition to detectors for additive gaussian noise situations, ASU will assist Matrix in identifying suitable clutter models and developing detectors for use in the presence of clutter. 1.2 Task 2: Validation ASU will assist Matrix in implementation of the statistical tests developed under Task 1 in computer software and in analysis of the performance of the implemented algorithms against simulated and on real radar sensor data to be provided by Matrix. 1.3 Task 3: Documentation ASU will assist Matrix in preparation of reports and other documentation required by the prime sponsor, AFRL. ASU will also support Matrix in direct interactions with AFRL, in- cluding teleconferences and up to one on-site visit to AFRL. ASU will provide Matrix with a nal report on the work performed. 2 Management Plan ASU's activities in this project will be undertaken by the ASU PI, Professor Cochran, with the assistance of one postdoctoral researcher. The PI will work with Matrix and other subcontractor personnel to develop the statistical tests under Task 1. He will direct the postdoc in theoretical aspects of the work as well as software implementation and algorithm evaluation. ASU's PI antici- pates meeting with Matrix's project director approximately once per month by teleconference and will also attend at least one project meeting in person.
Effective start/end date9/1/145/14/19


  • DOD-USAF: Air Force Research Labs (AFRL): $25,002.00


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