EFRI-BSBA: Complex Microsystem Networks Inspired by Internal Insect Physiology

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In the portion of this EFRI focused on fluid transport in living insects at ASU, we propose to examine four fundamental questions about how insects create and control fluid flow. These four questions were chosen as they seem particularly likely to provide inspiration for engineers: 1. What are the magnitudes and dynamic range of air and circulatory flows in insects, and what are the primary structures and forces driving flow? 2. What is the efficiency of flow production in insects? 3. How do structures and flows scale within insects across size ranges of microns to cm? 4. How do insects differentially design transport systems for diffusive vs. convective transport?
Effective start/end date1/1/1012/31/14


  • NSF: Directorate for Engineering (ENG): $399,983.00


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