• Rosenfeld, Anne G (PI)

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The long term goal of this research is to provide the knowledge base for
nursing interventions related to family health protection behaviors in
families of women with coronary disease (CAD). Although heart disease is
the major cause of death in women over the age of 40, little empirical data
exist regarding women's experience with the illness. In order to develop
effective strategies for reducing cardiac risk behaviors in women and their
families, a clear description of their experiences with the illness is
needed. Therefore, the specific aim of this study is to describe the
experiences of women with CAD and their families related to social support,
meaning of the illness, value of health, family functioning and family
health protection behaviors. The study will use a longitudinal descriptive
design. Consenting women and family members will be followed for three
months after the diagnosis and/or acute hospitalization for CAD.
Quantitative an qualitative methods of data collection will be triangulated
in order to capture both specific variables and more generalized meaning.
Quantitative data from self-report questionnaires will be analyzed using
descriptive and inferential statistics, namely Pearson's product moment
correlation and hierarchical multiple regression. Qualitative data from
interviews about meaning of the illness will be analyzed using ethnography
methodology as described by Spradley (1979).
Effective start/end date10/23/92 → …


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)
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