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This proposal seeks partial support for an international conference
entitled, "Fourth International Conference on Prevention of Human Cancer:
Nutrition and Chemoprevention Controversies". This conference is scheduled
to be held June 3-6, 1992, at The Westin La Paloma Resort Hotel in Tucson,
AZ. The conference will be sponsored by The University of Arizona Cancer
Center & the International Association of Vitamins and Nutritional Oncology
(IVANO). Being the fourth in a series, past conferences have been held
every three to four years since 1982. The objectives of the conference
are: 1) To review, discuss & provide an interdisciplinary forum for the
presentation of new data & controversies concerning the dietary &
pharmacologic prevention of human cancer; 2) To examine the scientific
basis for the development of dietary, nutrient & chemopreventive agent
strategies for the prevention of human cancer; 3) To bring together basic &
clinical researchers from USA, Europe, Asia & Australia to update recently
completed & ongoing human cancer prevention studies throughout the world;
and 4) To begin to develop a consensus opinion concerning strategies to
prevent breast, colon & other common types of human cancers. Topics of
discussion will relate to major controversies concerning strategies for the
prevention of human cancers, including: 1) Dietary Intervention vs Dietary
Supplementation; 2) Vitamins: Retinoids and Differentiating Agents vs
Carotenoids & Antioxidants; 3) Trial Designs: Primary Prevention vs
Secondary Prevention vs Tertiary Prevention- 4) Cancer Prevention:Behavior
Changes vs Drugs; 5) Colon Cancer: Fat vs Fiber vs Calories vs Nutrient
Deficiency; 6) Intermediate Markers of Carcinogenesis: Biochemical vs
Molecular; 7) Newer Agents: Drugs vs Natural Products; & 8) International
Studies: European vs Japanese vs Chinese vs Australian vs Canadian vs
American. Thirty-seven (37) prominent scientists from four different
continents (Australia, Asia, Europe, & the USA) have been invited to speak
in the broad areas of cell biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition,
epidemiology, & clinical trials. Topics of discussion will include new
data and controversies concerning the dietary & pharmacologic prevention of
cancer. At least 350 participants are anticipated to attend the upcoming
conference in addition to the invited speakers. From critical analysis of
the existing data, new ideas & concepts will be generated for future
studies concerning the role of nutrition & chemoprevention in management of
the malignant human phenotype.
Effective start/end date6/4/925/31/93


  • National Institutes of Health: $10,000.00


  • Medicine(all)


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