Nanostructure Dielectrics for High-temperature Capacitors

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This is a joint SBIR project with Thermosolv LLC (WI). The PI (D. Matyushov) will be employed on a subcontract basis. The goal of the proposed research is the development of novel dielectric materials for high-capacitance applications. The use of anodic aluminum oxide is anticipated as a basis for new technologies. Those will be used for electrodeposition of nanoparticles to create ordered arrays of dipoles with ferroelectric order. Very high dielectric constants will be achieved by eliminating screening by channel design. The role of of Dr. Matyushov in the project will be to provide the theoretical support of the technology development. There is a need to understand the effect of the size of nanoparticles and their morphology on the dielectric constant and the role of disorder in the channel on the overall performance of such materials.
Effective start/end date6/10/1612/9/16


  • NASA: Shared Services Center (NSSC): $14,999.00


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