Optimized diagnosis and prognosis for impingement failure of PA and PE piping materials

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Three subtasks are proposed for this work: 1) extended finite element method (XFEM) and cohesive zone modeling (CZM) for the crack initiation and propagation simulation; 2) experimental investigation of impingement effect on the failure of investigated materials; 3) parametric study and sensitivity analysis for the optimized prognosis algorithms. In the proposed study, the fracture simulation induced by the impingement is the focus, which involves the crack initiation at the impingement location and crack propagation through the piping components. This type of problems can be simulated using the classical finite element method (FEM) with adaptive meshing, which is very time consuming for large system analysis. One objective of the proposed study is to develop optimized prognosis algorithms for efficient and accurate failure analysis and prediction. Thus, alternative approach is proposed.
Effective start/end date9/30/146/30/16


  • US Department of Transportation (DOT): $51,389.00