RCN: Drought-Net: A global network to assess terrestrial ecosystem sensitivity to drought

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Scope of Activities Dr Sala will coordinate the International Drought Experiment (IDE) and will be a full participant of the entire RCN project including participating in the discussion of the direction of the project, analyses of data, writing of publications and communicating results to a broad audience. He also will participate in the distributed graduate seminars proposed here. He brings experience in running successful distributed graduate seminars with University of Minnesota and Universidad Autnoma de Mxico. Dr Sala will coordinate the data management part of the RCN project. To that end, he will collaborate with CAP LTER IT personnel and with the PI, Dr Nancy Grimm. This RCN will use the experience and skills of CAP LTER and the LTER network. We will pay a fraction of the salary of the CAP LTER IT individual. This approach will be cost effective and will allow access to the best data management procedures that have been developed and implemented.
Effective start/end date5/1/144/30/20


  • NSF-BIO: Division of Environmental Biology (DEB): $115,849.00


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