Sapana Doshi, Malini Ranganathan

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Corruption allegations have toppled heads of state from South Korea to Brazil to Italy and taken centre stage in electoral contests across the world, including both the 2016 Trump and Sanders campaigns in the US. Corruption politics reveal the limits of economistic approaches of international development institutions and rational choice theorists who define corruption as the “abuse” of public or entrusted power for private gain-something that is considered aberrant to healthy capitalism. Anjali Kamat’s expose of the Mumbai Trump towers reveals the corrupt underpinnings of everyday capitalist development where state agents not only serve the interests of elites, but they often occupy the role of investors and developers who enjoy impunity and regulatory laxity. Most mainstream anti-corruption reformers posited the US and European countries as free of corruption because they had successfully instituted a clean break between market and state.

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StatePublished - Mar 7 2019


  • Anti-corruption reformers
  • Capitalism
  • Corruption allegations
  • Corruption politics
  • European countries
  • Mumbai trump towers

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