Enhanced performance and thermal stability of a-Si:H TFTs

A. Indluru, Terry Alford

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We report the effect of anneal time on the performance and elevated temperature stability of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) thin-film-transistors (TFTs). The sub-threshold swing and off-current are reduced by a factor of 2.5 and by almost two orders of magnitude for 48 h annealed TFTs, respectively when compared to unannealed TFTs. Furthermore, long annealed TFTs show significant elevated temperature stability when compared to the unannealed TFTs. The sub-threshold swing, hysteresis, electron mobility, and off-current are stable even at elevated temperatures. For all the TFTs at positive gate bias threshold voltage shift (ΔVt) follow a power law-dependence with time indicating state-creation mechanism. Life-time values for the 48 h annealed TFT shows improvement by a factor of 3 when compared to unannealed TFTs (when ΔVt is extrapolated to 10 V). The stability at elevated temperatures and better performance of long annealed TFTs is attributed to improved a-Si:H channel and/or the a-Si:H/insulator interface.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationThin Film Transistors 10, TFT 10
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StatePublished - 2010

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