Improving classification: Who is eligible for wheelchair rugby?

V. C. Altmann, A. Hart, E. Van Den Eede

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Purpose: Clarify eligibility criteria for wheelchair rugby. Methods: There are 467 wheelchair rugby athletes in the international classification database. The data of athletes in the highest sport class (3.5) and athletes who are ineligible (class 4.0 or higher) were reviewed. All remarks about functional skills testing and on court observation were examined to investigate if there are characteristics supporting the decision of eligibility. Results: Sport class | No. of athletes | Played in game | Description of activities 3.5 | 19 | 19 | 14 4.0 | 18 | 6 | 5 Two sport specific tasks were frequently documented in athletes ruled ineligible and never observed in athletes in the 3.5 sport class. Of a set of ten tasks, only one or two were cited in athletes in the 3.5 class, while three or more were present in athletes ruled ineligible. Conclusion: The classification system for wheelchair rugby is designed for athletes with SCI. As athletes without SCI entered the sport, deficits in the system were noted, most importantly in determining eligibility. If an athlete meets the criteria in the eligibility test and in manual muscle testing, the evaluation continues to functional skills testing and on court observation. Based on review of the database, adequate decisions can be made for all athletes based on several activities.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationRehabilitation
Subtitle of host publicationMobility, Exercise and Sports. 4th International State-of-theArt Congress
EditorsL.H.V. van der Woude, S. de Groot, F.J. Hettinga, F. Hoekstra, K.E. Bijker, T.W.J. Janssen, J.H.P. Houdijk, R. Dekker, P.C.T. van Aanholt
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StatePublished - 2010

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  • wheelchair rugby

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