The intersection of environmental justice, climate change, community, and the ecology of life

Ande A. Nesmith, Cathryne L. Schmitz, Yolanda Machado-Escudero, Shanondora Billiot, Rachel A. Forbes, Meredith C.F. Powers, Nikita Buckhoy, Lucy A. Lawrence

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This book examines and encourages the increasing involvement of those in the social sciences, including social work, as well as everyday citizens, with environmental injustices that affect the natural ecology, community health, and physical and mental health of marginalized communities. The authors draw on their diverse experiences in research, practice, and education to suggest interdisciplinary strategies for addressing environmental justice, climate change, and ecological destruction on both a local and global scale. This insightful work presents models for action, practice, and education, including field learning, with examples of how programs and schools have integrated and infused environmental justice content across their curricula. Environmental and ecological impacts on local communities as well as the whole ecology of life are examined. Models for engaging civic dialogue, addressing structural oppression, and employing other interdisciplinary responses to environmental injustices are provided. Topics explored among the chapters include: Water, Air, and Land: The Foundation for Life, Food, and Society; Human Health and Well-Being in Times of Global Environmental Crisis; Power and Politics: Protection, Rebuilding, and Justice; Pathways to Change: Community and Environmental Transformation; Decolonizing Nature: The Potential of Nature to Heal; The Intersection of Environmental Justice, Climate Change, Community, and the Ecology of Life equips readers to identify the impact of the global environmental crisis in their own communities. Emphasizing the need for immediate action on ecological, climate, and environmental justice issues, this forward-thinking book assists social science professionals, educators, researchers, and other concerned individuals with the knowledge needed for creating meaningful interdisciplinary responses in their communities as they take action within a rapidly changing context.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages162
ISBN (Electronic)9783030559519
ISBN (Print)9783030559502
StatePublished - Oct 23 2020


  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • Climate justice
  • Community organizing for environmental justice
  • Decolonizing nature
  • Ecological justice
  • Ecologically conscious social work
  • Ecosocial work
  • Environmental impacts on marginalized communities
  • Environmental justice social work
  • Global environmental crisis
  • Green social work
  • Racial justice
  • Social work and sustainable development
  • Social work during climate change

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  • General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
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