Why i am pro-choice

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I am pro-choice. Before I tell you why, I want to first clarify what that means from my perspective. Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion for me. I neither celebrate abortions, nor think women should be pushed or pressured into obtaining one. Forced abortions, from my perspective, are as bad as forced gestations. I do not regard abortions as merely medical procedures with no moral dimensions. I do not regard abortions cavalierly, nor think anyone else should either. Even though I believe women should retain the right to obtain an abortion (within certain limits, as I will discuss below), I also think that everyone who supports abortion choice should always remember that in abortion, a death occurs. And that it is the death of a nascent human life (in that fetuses are members of the species Homo sapiens). Obtaining an abortion is not equivalent to removing an organ or getting a haircut. Whether this species membership renders fetuses bearers of moral and legal rights will be explored below. However, I am neither anti-family, nor anti-child. I have children of my own who are my light and my world; in fact, it was the experience of being pregnant and having them that really tested my pro-choice views, and required that I deeply examine them.

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